Cambridge management of SW Florida
Cambridge management of SW Florida Cambridge management of SW Florida

Management Team

Instill a Team Approach

Certified, Distinguished, and Experienced

Knowledgeable of Florida Statutes and Binding Documents

Liaison of the Board of Directors

Provide Prompt and Effective Response

Around-the-Clock Accessibility and Emergency Service Dispatch

Management Services


Manage Community Staff and Vendors

Supervise all Projects, Contractors, and Services

Schedule and Track Follow Ups

Oversee Quality of General Maintenance and Repairs

Provide Monthly Manager’s Report of Progress Updates

Prepare and Publish all Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Board Meeting Attendance

Assist with Bid Evaluation and Contract Negotiation

Monitor and Enforce Community Rules and Regulations

Conduct Weekly Property Inspections

Administration Services

Log and Address Work Orders and Concerns with Urgency

Process Sale and Rental Applications for Approval

Conduct Background and Credit Checks

Interact with Board Members, Residents, and Vendors

Ensure all Policies, Forms, and Communications are Updated and Accurate

Administer and Maintain Community Website

Prepare and Execute Mailings, Informative Notices, Violations, etc.



Manage Account Payables

Process Account Receivables

Compile Complete and Thorough Monthly Financials

Surveil and Address Delinquencies

Furnish Proposed Budgets and Projections

Reserve Analysis

Offer Various Payment Options

Tax Preparation


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